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    Computer Networking , Nisan

    Assallamualikum Wr. Wb.

    This time Nisan will discuss about computer networks, surely you are using a network of computers in their daily lives. Tenti, definitely You already have facebook, and twitter. According to an article gravestone read, Computer Network is a group of autonomous computers interconnected with each other using a communication protocol through the medium of communication so that they can share information, programs, use of shared hardware such as printers, hard drives, and so on. Besides computer network can be defined as a collection of a number of communication terminals located in various locations consisting of more than one interconnected computers. Too long??? . Time headstones still in junior high, headstone ever in love a little material on the network, said the teacher then Network  derived from the Net and Work so network is a priority to work over the net at work. Means such as fishing.,?? ??? hheheheee .....
    From the use of computer networks to obtain some your benefits such as:

    Sharing resources intended for the entire program, equipment or other peripherals can be utilized by any person who is on a computer network without being influenced by the location and the influence of the user. Suppose that in a company there is one computer server and 30 client computers, and all users of the client computer is required in their work to keep collecting his work in the form of print-outs (in print). Logically, the time he, the boss of the company must provide a Printer as much as the number of client computers??? It costs a lot for sure. With the benefit of this network, the company boss, just buy one printer and then put the printer on the server and then sharing. then the client computer can use the printer from the computer.

    Computer networks allow communication between users, both for the teleconference and to send a message or other important information. Can Nisan demonstrated in electronic messaging / email.

    Computer networks can avoid reliance on a central computer, because every process data should not be done on one computer only, but can be distributed to other places. Therefore, it is then able to form an integrated data that allows users to acquire and process information at any time.

    The development tools are simple and cost-saving, because every purchase components such as printers, so no need to buy a computer printer there but just one piece because the printer can be used together - together. The computer network also allows users to take care of the hard drive and other equipment, for example, to provide protection against virus attacks the wearer enough to focus on the hard drive on a computer center.

    Computer Network Systems can provide protection against data. Since the granting and setting permissions to users, as well as technical protection against hard drive so that the data get effective protection.

    With the use of shared resources - together, will get the maximum results and high quality. In addition the data or information accessed is always new, because any changes that occur can be readily immediately known by every user.

    May be useful

    Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.

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