Rabu, 23 Januari 2013

  • Devilzc0de Social Network

    Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

    Devilzc0de (DC) not only contribute to the community through Forum (http://devilzc0de.org/forum), but also through Social Networking Devilzc0de (http://devilz0de.org). In Social Network, you will find that Social Networking is not cute and funny as the name suggests devilzc0de. Certainly, when you hear the word that comes to mind Devilz sure you are dealing with something Devilz, Evil, Negative and others. but what is the meaning of a name? DC tried to give the baby something different in style Devilzc0de Social networking.

    Social Network Devilzc0de

    I hope people do not look at DC from the spooky name only, but the reality is not so, it is shown in the DC devilzc0de Social Network. one social networking familiar to the eye, cute and adorable.

    Basically DC is making social networking a not for download or purchase another product, like buying Jcow to build a social networking site. but DC trying mengumpalkan number of code-code and in the mix to be the social networking sites are no less interesting with the popular social network today. although still under development, but Meber Social Network DC for the first two days it had reached in 3000 figures member.
    When will you enroll in the Social Network DC you will find the page as shown below:

    Social Network Devilzc0de

    and this is the picture when there is an error in charging user and password :

    Social Network Devilzc0de

    After login you will be taken to the home page like this :

    Social Network Devilzc0de

    Hopefully the presence Devilzc0de Social Network, it could provide a new color for the hobby people socialize in cyberspace.

    Site :
    Sonet ( Social Network ) => http://devilzc0de.org
    Forum => http://devilzc0de.org/forum
    My Profil => http://devilzc0de.org/profile.dc?user=46822

    Register yourself and add me as your friend in sonnet DC

    Wassalamualaikum wr. wb,

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    1. kunjungan tetangga gan
      hhehe mungkin lagi ga sbux boleh mampir d blog saya gan
      terima kasih

    2. kunjungan balik sob

    3. permisi kaka :>) , sy mau tanya boleh kan..??
      bisakah kaka Esan mengajari sy tentang cara membuat Jersos , sy di suruh Ketua OSIS sy untuk membuat jersos , tp sy nggak tau cara membuatnya , tolong bantu sy kak :-?


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