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  • Meaning of Hostname

    Assallamualaikum wr. wb, This time Nisan would share a little bit about what it's hostname. For my friends who have long struggled in the field of IT, especially the network, would often hear or even understand what it is Hostname. Hostname command is used to get the name of the computer that was registered in the network. You just have to type the hostname on Command Prompt and the name of your computer will look like this:

    In addition to the above, you can also find out the name of the computer as well as other more detailed information. You can use the commands: whoami / all command whoami is available on Windows 2000, can not run pada.Windows XP Professional SP2. However, in Windows Vista and Windows 7, this command can be used directly.

    From these data, Nisan obtain information other than the host name, there is also a SID (Security Identifier), group name, and other information.
    SID serves as the identifier of the user account. As an illustration, it is the original name of an account. For example, a person has the ID card with the name Esan. However, he could have introduced himself to others as Budi or AN. His real name remains Joko. On Windows, one could change the name of the account, whether or not the administrator account. However, SID is the name of the original.

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