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  • Packet Internet Groper ( PING )

    Assalamualaikum wr. wb,

    Now I'll share about what is ping? Ping stands for Packet Internet Groper is used to check the network connectivity of  TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) or how long it took to send a certain amount of data from one computer to another, so they can know how good the quality is and whether there is a connection between computers. Ping works by sending an ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) to a computer that is going to call and wait for a response from the computer. If the target computer responds, arguably the relationship between the two computers. The order of the ping datagram will be nenunjukkan amount lost when communicating and time to live (TTL).

    Mike Muuss write this program in December 1983, as a means for the source of the problem in the network. According to him, the name "ping" is derived from the echo sound (sonar) a submarine when the operator sends pulses toward a target, and the sound will bounce back when it had received the mark within a certain timeframe.

    Maximum data that can be sent according to the IP protocol specification is 65.536 byte. When data is sent over the maximum packet, can be problematic. This is known as ping of death or DoS Attack.
    The syntax for using the ping is: ping ping ip-address or site-target.com.

    Here is an example of using Ping:

    ping localhost or ping (local host to test network configuration)
    ping (test connection from localhost to outside host)
    www.nama ping-website.com (examine the relationship localhost to a website)
    ping (get domains hosted outside by IP Address) ping (ping continuously, and to menghentikanya press CTRL + C) ping-n 10 (ping host 10 times - n = number) ping-l 1000 (ping host to as many as 1000 bytes of data)

    Now gravestone will find the IP address used by a website. To do this, we will use the ping command in the Command Prompt provided by Windows. To run the Command Prompt, click Start > Accessories > Command Prompt.

    Packet Internet Groper ( PING ) , Nisan

    The fastest way to activate the Command Prompt program is to type CMD in the RUN dialog box. Or, in Windows 7, you simply type in the Search programs and files found on the Start menu and press Enter.

    Packet Internet Groper ( PING ) , Nisan

    And appearance of the CMD is only in the form of a blank black screen.

    Packet Internet Groper ( PING ) , Nisan

    After you get something like the picture above, enter the ping command besera name of the website that you would like to know its IP address, and then press enter. suppose tombstone want to know the IP address of the web site google.com. Then the command is ping google.com.

    Packet Internet Groper ( PING ) , Nisan

    When gravestone ping www.google.com, it is the headstone send an ICMP Echo Request packets, each second to the host. When the ping program to obtain Echo Reply, he will score the responses to the screen that shows some information:

    • Ping the IP number from which to obtain Echo Reply, typically IP is the IP of the host that we are headed. From the results shown, it can be a friend tombstone know that the IP of google.com is
    • Bytes shows the request packet that is sent.
    • How many milliseconds (milli-second) travel time required to get the program ping reply.
    • TTL stands for Time To Live is a measure that indicates the identity of the host. Default TTL value is specified by the sending machine operating system, the amount of 8-bit, embedded in packet headers, and will be reduced by one if the data packet reaches a router other. If a router to get the numbers TTL = 0 (zero), the router would be to discard the packet and send ICMP packets to the sender of the data (Request Time Out or Unreachable).
    • Examples of Default TTL based OS, PING value of Windows (including Windows Vista and Windows 7) is 128 and for the Linux operating system is 64. Consider the following table:
    Packet Internet Groper ( PING ) , Nisan

    When you ping localhost or the computer itself, the value of TTL out is like the table above. For example, if a friend tombstone using the Windows operating system and perform the ping command, the exit value is 128. Since doing the ping command over an internet connection, its TTL value is reduced each time it passes through a router. In the picture above, when doing a ping to google, com, seen its TTL value of 55. This happens because to achieve the target server using the Linux operating system with a value of 64, while the ping command to reach the target server must pass through several routers so they are reduced to 55. By reducing the initial TTL is 64 with the final TTL value, can count the number of hops traversed home computer into a web server. In the above example, 64 minus 55, meaning the package has been through 9 hops. However if the TTL value reaches zero. Ping packet shows: "TTL expired in transit". 

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